The Restoration Doctor is the go-to service provider for water damage restoration and fire damage restoration in Metro Detroit, Michigan. We have a team of licensed and insured restoration professionals who are on call 24/7 to help you out. From our countless years of experience to our consistent commitment to excellence, you are sure to find something to love about The Restoration Doctor.

Popular Services From The Restoration Doctor

The Restoration Doctor offers a number of certified and licensed cleaning, re-construction, and restoration services that include:

The Restoration Doctor is on call 24/7, so we can respond the moment disaster strikes. Whether you have a busted pipe, a furnace fire, a bed bug infestation, or something else entirely, we are here to help you get your home back to normal. Call The Restoration Doctor at (586) 522-4922 to learn more about our services.

The Restoration Doctor High Quality Service Standards

At The Restoration Doctor, we don’t take a chance on doing bad work. We use the best equipment and the best workers available to ensure that you get the quality service you deserve. Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed because we are confident in the work that we do. Here are some of the ways we maintain our high quality standards:

  • We Regularly Test All Our Employees To Make Sure They Maintain Their Certifications
  • We Conduct Training Sessions Periodically To Keep Our Employees Updated On Industry Standards
  • We Use The Most Efficient Water Removal Equipment On the Market For Fast, Effective Service

Large insurance companies in the Metro Detroit  continuously recommend The Restoration Doctor to their clients because they know they can trust our work. We take pride in making sure that every customer is fully satisfied with the work we do for them. We want to leave your home looking even better than it did before the damage happened.

Rapid Water Damage Restoration At The Restoration Doctor

The Restoration Doctor Equipment Van And SuppliesOne of our most sought after services at The Restoration Doctor is water damage restoration. If you are in need of water damage restoration, we will use our industry-leading water damage removal equipment to clear out all of the surface water in your home or office. We guarantee water removal in 3 hours or less, 3 times faster than our competitors!

Once the water has been removed from your home, we can work on correcting the original cause of the leak/flood, and we can rebuild whatever was damaged by the water. We will restore your home’s condition in no time and seal it off to prevent mold growth from the water.

Licensed Fire Damage Restoration At The Restoration Doctor

Fire damage can be extensive and very difficult to repair if you are not experienced with it. At The Restoration Doctor, we know what it takes to restore a home after a fire. Give us a call when the fire is out, and we can help remove the damage for you. We can also restore personal belongings damaged in the fire, and we can rebuild parts of your home that may no longer be structurally sound.

Fire damage inherently comes with water damage because firefighters use high pressured hoses to calm flames. The team at The Restoration Doctor will clean up the water damage for you as well and make sure mold does not form as a result of it.

Experienced Bed Bug Removal At The Restoration Doctor

It only takes a few bed bugs to turn into a serious infestation. If you have noticed these critters on your mattress, couch, loveseat, etc., call in The Restoration Doctor to eradicate them for you. We use safe bed bug removal methods to eliminate the pest population without putting a lot of chemicals into your home. We can’t guarantee that they won’t return in the future, but we will surely get rid of the bed bugs that you have right now.

Certified Carpet Cleaning At The Restoration Doctor

Since we have to clean carpets so much for water damage removal and fire damage removal, we thought it would be wise to offer professional carpet cleaning for our clients in need. The Restoration Doctor uses a seven step carpet cleaning process guaranteed to remove set-in stains and restore a carpet back to its glory days. We pre-vacuum your carpet to remove up to 73% of the dirt and grime before we even begin our actual cleaning process. You can feel confident knowing that we are taking care of your floors.

The Restoration Doctor’s 24/7 Emergency Damage Repair Services

The Restoration Doctor Equipment TruckNo matter what time of day you need our help, call The Restoration Doctor at (586) 522-4922 so we can help you out. Our workers are on-call all day long to ensure that we can respond quickly when you are in need. From fires to floods to crime scenes, we clean it all and then some. See so for yourself today by contacting The Restoration Doctor.

Schedule A Free Quote From The Restoration Doctor

If you need a quote for mold removal, crime scene cleanup, carpet cleaning, or any of the other services offered at The Restoration Doctor, call us today at (586) 522-4922 to schedule your free quote. We look forward to working with you!