Bed Bug Removal In Michigan

Bed bug removal is a critical part of getting rid of a bed bug infestation. Most people do not notice that they have a bed bug problem until it is far past the point of simple cleanup. If you have discovered bed bugs in your home, you will need professional bed bug removal in Michigan to get the pests out of your home. The Restoration Doctor is here to help when you need us most.

How To Know You Need Bed Bug Removal In Michigan

Michigan's Preferred Carpet Cleaning ServiceYou can see bed bugs on your mattresses, couches, and other furniture, but chances are you won’t notice them until you start looking hard. Most commonly, people in Michigan discover they need bed bug removal because they notice bites on their skin throughout the day.

You may not feel the bed bugs biting you overnight, but you will see red irritation marks that come up later on. If this happens on multiple occasions, chances are you have an infestation.

The Safe Way To Get Michigan Bed Bug Removal

Most bed bug removal teams in Michigan use chemicals to get rid of the bed bug population because the poisons will in fact kill off the bugs and eggs. What those companies fail to realize is that those toxins can cause health problems for you. At The Restoration Doctor, we use a high heat removal system to eradicate bed bug populations without hurting our clients or their pets. You can count on us to get rid of the problem with the least damage possible.

In addition to getting rid of bed bugs for you, we will clean up the area around the problem area to reduce the chances of re-infestation. Even after the best bed bug removal Michigan has to offer, there is still a chance that you will get bed bugs again. Because of that, we offer maintenance services to ensure that your home is as safe as can be.

Schedule Your Bed Bug Removal In Michigan

Every day you wait to call us about bed bugs, your infestation grows exponentially. Female bed bugs can lay up to 12 eggs a day, and those eggs can hatch within 10 days. Stop the problem before it gets out of control. Contact The Restoration Doctor at (586) 522-4922 to schedule a free consultation, and we will get rid of your unwanted guests in no time.