“Like New” Carpet Cleaning From Best System Currently Available In Metro Detroit From The Restoration Doctor!

What a conflict we all have… We walk and stand on carpet, but at the same time need to keep it as clean as possible for proper upkeep and hygiene.

In addition, carpet is expensive and it’s enhances the beauty of your home or business. Since carpet is placed on the floor, it really gets dirty and accumulates dust and grime quickly and easily. Carpet is one of the most ravaged pieces of your home or business’s interior, so you obviously want to keep it clean and beautiful with a trusted carpet cleaning service that’s guarantees “like new” cleaning.

“The Restoration Doctor Ultimate 7-Step Carpet Cleaning System” (We Promise You Will Love)

With just one quick and simple phone call to The Restoration Doctor, you get “The Ultimate 7-Step Carpet Cleaning Process” that rejuvenates, and safely and properly restores your carpet to “like new” condition.

The Restoration Doctor’s Unique 7-Step Carpet Cleaning System Includes:

10-off-Carpet-cleaning-coupons-01STEP 1 CARPET CLEANING
Pre-vacuum the entire carpet with a commercial grade, dual motor and high-powered vacuum (Most carpet cleaners do a “rush job” and skip this crucial step).

A proper pre-vacuum of your carpet removes 65-73% of the dirt and grime that was trapped deep within the carpet’s fibers!

Pre-spray the entire carpet area, not just high traffic areas. This includes The Restoration Doctor’s advanced pre-spray formula that safely penetrates and pre-cleans your carpet, and begins to restore your carpet to its original beauty and condition.

Agitate your carpet with The Restoration Doctor’s exclusive and amazingly effective “Brush Pro” commercial-grade agitator that completely cleans and brings your carpet back to life! This crucial step is commonly neglected by the competition. However, it guarantees you the deepest clean possible regardless of your carpets condition.

It’s also completely safe and performed by our trained and certified carpet cleaning technicians. The Restoration Doctor guarantees you a completely thorough carpet cleaning that prolongs the life of your carpet 100% guaranteed! Our unique agitation process revives and restores your carpet by removing trapped debris and dirt particles that inferior carpet cleaning methods always leave behind.

Professional Carpet Cleaning For Every Type Of CarpetSTEP 4 CARPET CLEANING

After The Restoration Doctor’s deep penetration dry carpet cleaning; we’re ready to begin the carpet cleaning with hot steam. (Now keep this in mind… We’ve already done more work in cleaning your carpet than the majority of carpet cleaners would have in Metro Detroit).

Our 4th carpet cleaning step uses our advanced hot steam application and extraction machine.

The Restoration Doctor has a commercial grade, high-powered truck mounted carpet cleaning machine, and it guarantees your home or business the best steam carpet cleaning that is currently available.

In addition: Don’t trust your carpet cleaning to a store bought Bissell, or even the Rug Doctor machine!

Honestly, these products are a complete waste of your money and leave behind cleaning residue that actually attracts and traps dirt. Our patented carpet cleaning equipment acts as a carpet cleaner and extractor. This guarantees you thoroughly cleaned carpet with no residue or dirt attracting chemicals of any kind.

This carpet cleaning step includes our special spot removal technique that’s completely safe and amazingly effective on carpet stains for the home or business. The Restoration Doctor has the necessary training, experience and use only safe cleaning agents to remove difficult spots on your carpet, and we promise amazing results on any stain. Our cleaning products are strong enough to remove the most stubborn spots but gentle enough NOT to damage your carpet or discolor it in any way. You really need a carpet cleaning pro like The Restoration Doctor or this crucial spot cleaning step.

The Restoration Doctor just might blow your mind away with our unique “carpet detailing process” that actually rakes your carpet and “fluffs” it back into shape. Yes, that’s right! Our equipment gently agitates and combs your carpet to revive the fibers back to original form. This also allows for better carpet cleaning, and the end result is cleaner carpet an even looking “like new” texture.  We do carpet the right way, and we take extra care to get your carpet back to “like new condition” that includes removing irregularities from heavy foot traffic.

Carpet-cleaning-coupons-01STEP 7 CARPET CLEANING
This involves our industrial strength Scotchguard™ protection spray that works far better than over-the-counter protectants.

This carpet cleaning process is the icing on the cake, and with our Scotchguard™ protection we spray the ENTIRE area with no shortcuts or any overlooked areas of your carpet. In addition, we gently COMB IN the Scotchguard™ protection for added strength.

This final step really covers the carpet fibers and completely protects them for longer lasting beauty and increased durability.

Make The Right Choice For Your Home Or Business

After reading about The Restoration Doctor’s extremely thorough carpet cleaning process, is it any wonder why we are the preferred carpet cleaners in Metro Detroit? Call The Restoration Doctor (586) 522-4922 for a FREE estimate and we will give you our final Step 7 Scotchguard protection at 50% OFF! Better yet, if you are a first time customer we will give you an extra 10% Off on your carpet cleaning.